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FIELD MINT, Mentha arvensis


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Latin name: Mentha arvensis

Distilled part: flowering plants

Origin: India

Properties: analgesic, intestinal and urinary anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, bactericidal, cholagogue/choleretic, decongestant, prostatic decongestant, fungicide, hepato-stimulant, litholytic, stimulant in small doses, heart tonic, digestive tonic, viricide

Indications: canker sores, arthritis, osteoarthritis, asthenia, inflammatory colitis, nasal congestion, menstrual cramps, diabetes, poor digestion, pain, headaches, gallstones, eczema, hot flashes, anal fissures, hemorrhoids, herpes, laryngitis, biliary and renal lithiasis, lumbago, Crohn’s disease, menopause, migraines, nausea, neuralgia, psoriasis, sciatica, sinusitis, irritable bowel syndrome, premenstrual syndrome, ringworm, tennis elbow, torticollis, learning disabilities, ulcers, vomiting, shingles

Contraindications: Do not use orally with infants under 30 months of age (laryngeal spasms). With external use, do not apply locally (icy effect).

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Mentha Arvensis

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