The mission of Hunzaroma Inc.

Quality essential oils

The mission of Hunzaroma Inc. is to offer both therapeutic qualityproducts, reliable information, personalized advice and formulas, as well as products to facilitate the use of essential oils (suppositories, Capsules, creams, massage oils) at competitive prices.

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Our satisfied customers


  • Amazing service, I always love going there! The staff know their products and their virtues very well and we always have an answer to my questions. Super courteous, super professional service, and the products are competitively priced and quality. I highly recommend to everyone who asks me where I buy my ingredients! I live in Montreal, but I make the detour to Longueuil for the quality and the service.
  • A shop where everyone has their heart in the right place. The products are of super good quality, Very courteous staff, exceptional service. I have been shopping at the same place since 2014, always satisfied as on the first day!
  • Very attentive personal, with a very diversified choice of oils and creams, with very affordable prices.
  • I attended the soap making workshop today it's just beautiful. A good job and above all well detailed. Thank you so much. Pleasant experience and above all a lot of products in the store. The service was excellent