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The author Michel Faucon was a hospital pharmacist for seventeen years before practising in pharmacies and specializing in aromatherapy. Trained in medical aromatherapy by Drs Jean-Michel Beghin (Collège d’enseignement de l’aromathérapie) and Dominique Baudoux (École française d’aromathérapie), he is also the founder of Phytophar laboratories and the training company Aroma-Sciences.

Scientific and medical aromatherapy treaty – Essential oils – Basics and prescription aids

Paperback – Color illustrations – 17 x 24 cm – 988 pages

This Aromatherapy Treaty is a reference manual, training material and guide for medical prescription. It will be of interest to all those eager for information on the principles of action of essential oils, especially students and health professionals. You will find: the main therapeutic properties and indications, the quality and identification criteria for essential oils (EO) for therapeutic use, botanical, biochemical and pharmacological elements, the production and extraction of essential oils and aromatic hydrolates (HA), etc. This book is a real prescription tool, a monograph (HE, HV, HA) and offers a useful and practical reference system. New edition,

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