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Essential and vegetable oils

Essential oils on the skin, through the skin and beyond the skin.

True to the passion that nourishes and animates him every day, Dominique Baudoux, through this book, gives us his expertise on the contributions of essential oils in the field of dermocosmetics.

The exclusive advantage of essential oils is their affinity for the skin tissue they adopt, that they penetrate, that they exceed to act deep within the being. From this, it is obvious: chemotyped essential oils are the assets of an intelligent dermocosmetic acting on the structure of the skin but even more so, on the often deeper origin of the problem; the skin, this key organ, is indeed the mirror of our holistic balance. The savvy consumer looking for quality cosmetics will take a fresh look at these solar and plant species that act on the skin, through the skin and beyond the skin and will quickly integrate the unique dimension of essential oils. . After treating the theory regarding essential oils, vegetable oils and skin, the author accompanies us through new formulas to prepare baths, massages, scrubs, moisturizers, make-up free maskings, shampoos … and treat many skin disorders. Dominique Baudoux is a pharmacist, international lecturer, leader in scientific aromatherapy, CEO of Pranarôm, president of the International College of Aromatherapy and author of numerous books including “Aromatherapy, treating yourself with oils essentials.”

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