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100 capsules of 17 mg

A balanced ratio of two key minerals

  • To fill a zinc deficiency while reducing the risk of excess zinc
  • Supporting healthy skin, prostate and immunity
  • Clinically proven zinc to copper ratio


Zinc is an essential trace element required for many enzymatic reactions and bodily functions. It is essential for growth and physical development and for the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Unfortunately, zinc deficiency is common, especially in the elderly. Zinc deficiency can play a role in many chronic diseases, but it is best known for its key role with the immune system. It is essential for the function of white blood cells to protect the body from invasion by bacteria and viruses and to regulate inflammation and healing. Zinc is also a key factor in the healing of the digestive wall for those suffering from Permeable Bowel Syndrome. Zinc supplementation according to clinical studies has been shown to be essential for prostate health.

The importance of zinc is increasingly recognized, but the crucial role of copper in our health has often been overlooked. Zinc supplementation can lead to copper deficiency, which can have serious long-term consequences. Zinc-Copper Balance™ is the best choice for anyone taking a nutritional zinc supplement or looking for a balanced formula containing these two essential minerals. AOR’s Zinc-Copper Balance™ offers a balanced ratio of zinc and copper, based on research to ensure optimal absorption and function.

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