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The distillation of the fresh flower of Ylang-ylang allows to extract an essential oil in several fractions. The process can last up to 20 hours. The product of successive distillation gives an essence of different densities: extra, first, second and third. Extra superior, extra normal and first fractions are intended for luxury perfumery. The second and third fractions are for cosmetics, soaps and detergents. The essential oil of ylang-Ylang “Totum” is the synergy of all distilled fractions, one after the other and is intended for therapeutic purposes, it is this synergy that we offer you.

distilled part: flowers

Origin: Madagascar

Properties: YearTispasmodique, balancing + + +, tSexual Onique +, aNtidiabétique (adj.) +

Indications: tAchycardie, high blood pressure + + +, aSexual Sthénie, frigidity +, DIabète +

contraindications: None known at physiological doses

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Cananga Odorata

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