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Why are we so many to be guided in medical treatment without understanding the mechanisms and without being adequately informed about our disease?

Outraged by this finding and relying on solid and proven scientific data, although largely unknown, the authors of killing cancer (without killing the patient) offer the diagnosed people the chance to discover and initiate a mode of Very precise treatment – vitamins, nutrients and essential oils – in addition to traditional approaches.

A patient will learn in detail the existence of complementary (or even alternative) methods to improve his quality of life and his chances of healing. That’s why… < une=”” vérité=”” qui=”” ne=”” fait=”” pas=”” mal=””>>

Maurice Nicole, ND. Has
In collaboration with Katherine Dupont
Preface by Dr. Louise Comeau, MD
268 pages

“Chemo kills!” Claim in the media by referring to the testimonies of people with cancer. The treatment of cancer, a disease as complex as serious and serious, is vital to the patient’s survival. Starting from the causes of cancer and certain limitations of the usual treatments, this book rigorously defines and exposes in detail the immense potential of vitamin and nutrient supplementation. This book highlights the beneficial alliance between nature and Science and presents the anti-cancer power of essential oils, their benefits and their oncology properties.

The information contained in this book is therefore intended to inform the reader about a method of treatment in addition to the classical approaches resulting from a consultation or a medical opinion. The author also stresses that self-diagnosis and self-medication are not advisable or dangerous.

By relying on scientific and proven data, killing cancer without killing the patient explains how:

  • To stimulate the effectiveness of conventional methods of treatment;
  • reduce The adverse effects of these methods
  • control The pain suffered
  • improve The patient’s quality of life and his chances of healing.

 … This remarkable book is an excellent guide that will inspire the patient’s desire to survive and believe that life hides an energy that is constantly renewed. 
Excerpt from the preface by Dr. Louise Comeau MD. Lmcc

The author, Maurice Nicole, is an expert and professional aromatherapy scientist. His expertise in aromatherapy, Naturopathy and Orthomolecular medicine has made him a sought-after practitioner, teacher and lecturer in both North America and Europe. By associating Aromatherapy and orthomolecular medicine He has developed a unique therapeutic approach for chronic and functional health disorders. A member of the Association of registered naturopaths of Quebec, the International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine and the American Botanical Council, he has been a visiting professor in several institutions, including the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Montreal.

Katherine Dupont is from the field of science and combines training in communication and screenwriting at INIS and UQÀM. Combining her knowledge of science and communication, she was able to simplify and make accessible the dense subject that is the subject of this book.

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