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Aromatherapy Treaty Scientific and Medical: HYDROLATES

Michel Faucon’s treatise on aromatherapy is considered to be a reference in the field. This second volume, devoted to hydrolats, extends the essential knowledge provided by biochemistry with “sensory approaches”, particularly olfactory, of which it lays the fundamental foundations. In doing so, it advances the principles of scientific aromatherapy for what it would like to be a “new medical art”. This manual, one of the most complete ever published on the subject, details the monographs of more than 60 hydrolats among the most widely used in therapeutics, cosmetics and beauty care. Both a teaching aid for students and a prescription guide for professionals, it is also intended for a wide public who will be able to use its many “recipes” in their daily lives. You will find: thehe production methods and quality criteria of a hydrolate for therapeutic or cosmetic use. An approach to the mechanisms of action of aromatic hydrolats and/or floral waters. The main properties and therapeutic indications of hydrolats. Dosages, to help in the treatment of common pathologies. Cosmetic indications and “recipes” for the health and beauty of the skin. The basics of sensory approaches

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