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SAGE, Salvia officinalis


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Other common name : Common sage

Latin name: Salvia officinalis

Distilled part: flowering tops

Origin: France

Properties: antipyretic, cholagogue/choleretic, cicatrisant, bactericidal, fungicidal, hepato-stimulant, lipolytic, mucolytic, estrogen-like, phlebotonic

Indications: aphta, alopecia, skin wounds, bronchitis, cellulitis, scars, influenza, anal fissures, hemorrhoids, herpes, hot flashes, gallstones, biliary and hepatic insufficiency, bronchiolitis, menopause, body odour, sinusitis, premenstrual syndrome, ringworm, varicose veins

Contraindications: Do not use with infants, children and pregnant women (neurotoxic, abortifacient).

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Salvia Officinalis

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