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ROSEWOOD, Aniba rosæodora


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Latin name: Aniba rosæodora

Distilled part: branches and trunk

Origin: Guyana

Properties: antibacterial, anti-viral (flu) + + +, immunostimulant, tissue regenerative, nervine

Indications: angina, childhood bronchitis, cystitis, depression, fatigue, flu, pulmonary infections in general, bronchiolitis, Lyme disease, urinary tract infection, nasopharyngitis, Candida-type vaginitis, vulvitis, leukorrhea, nail and vaginal fungus, rubella, scarlet fever, exhaustion, tuberculosis, typhus, virus/cosmetic use (acne, sores, wrinkles, perfumery)

Contraindications: None at physiological doses.

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Aniba Rosaeodora

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