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240 Capsules of 637 mg

Ortho-Adapt helps your body cope effectively with stress

  • It mobilizes the internal energy reserves
  • It lessens the effects of stressful conditions
  • It activates the defenses of the body
  • It prevents an exaggerated reaction to the stress factors

Ortho • Adapt contains extracts from adrenal glands, adaptogens medicinal plants including ashwagandha, Rhodiola, licorice and Siberian ginseng and vitamins C and B5. Glandular extracts are a proven way to provide direct key factors to the adrenal gland, so properties simple nutrients and herbal remedies cannot accomplish. This product is one of the most sold AOR formulas, supporting evidence.

Ortho • Adapt is designed to help the body effectively combat stress by stimulating the adrenal glands and helping to prevent adrenal insufficiency. Adaptogens are substances that provide support to the body during periods of stress. They activate the whole body and the non-specific defenses, by remobilising the resources of the body to provide energy to react actively to any factor of stress, whether physical, emotional or from the environment. The levels of vitamin C and B5 are rapidly depleted during stress and are necessary for the adrenal glands for the biosynthesis of stress hormones. All these factors work in synergy to prevent fatigue and exhaustion, to increase energy levels and to support the ability to cope with stress.

Ortho • Adapt could give a “boost” to all those who are under the yoke of stress, tired or who want to meet the demands of a frantic lifestyle whether it be at work, at school, in sport or in family life.

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