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MULTI Basics-3, a complete multivitamin (180 capsules)

  • Contains all the essential nutrients recognized
  • Provides nutrients according to balanced ratios
  • Meets biological needs while avoiding harmful excesses
  • Contains the amounts of nutrients found in an optimum diet

While several multivitamins offer nutrients in low-quality forms, in insufficient quantities or under unbalanced ratios, Multi Basics 3 aims to correct all these factors, creating a solid foundation for optimum health. Multi Basics 3 offers optimal doses and balanced ratios of all recognized essential vitamins and minerals in high quality forms according to scientific data. Three capsules a day will suffice for your needs.

A well-balanced multivitamin is essential to any diet of supplements. Multi-vitamin formulations including minerals are a great way to meet the daily nutritional needs of all essential nutrients, providing a solid foundation for optimal health. While some nutrients such as vitamins A and E are better absorbed and more effective in their natural forms, others are better absorbed in the form of synthetic supplements such as folic acid and other vitamin B. Some nutrients such as zinc and copper should be presented in balanced ratios so as not to disturb certain bodily functions. An excess of certain nutrients such as vitamin B2 can inhibit the absorption of other nutrients, while a tiny amount is simply ineffective. Multi Basics 3 takes into account all these factors in order to carefully produce a balanced and effective multivitamin offering much more benefits than some other types of “one-per-day” multivitamins on the market.

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