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LITSEA OR MAY CHANG, Litsea citrata


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Latin name : Litsea citrata

Distilled part: fruit (berries)

Origin: China

Properties: analgesic, anti-inflammatory, calming, hepato-stimulant, hypotensive, gallstones, litholytic, sedative (for the central nervous system), digestive tonic, viricidal

Indications: anxiety, nervousness, agitation, arthritis, bursitis, pain, eczema, inflammatory colitis, depression, poor digestion, insomnia, biliary and renal lithiasis, Crohn’s disease, lack of appetite, neuralgia, psoriasis, stress, irritable bowel syndrome, tendinitis, tennis elbow, torticollis, peptic ulcers

Contraindications: None at physiological doses.

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Litsea Citrata

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