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Author: Chantal Clergeaud, Lionel Clergeaud

Present in all civilizations and religions, oil, whether olive, nut or sweet almond, is present at all stages of our lives: health, beauty, food, domestic life and economy. However, to fully play its role as a food, health and beauty factor, it must be of impeccable quality, first cold-pressed, from seeds that have just reached maturity and grown using organic farming methods. It is high time to restore the quality of this essential food and to give it back its letters of nobility. This renewed edition contains 64 additional pages. You will discover 86 detailed monographs, 78 on vegetable oils and 8 on oily macerates, including 45 new monographs on vegetable oils and 8 new monographs on oily macerates. In the added oils, you will find : Abyssinian, Andiroba, Babassu, Baobab, Broccoli, Cade, Coconut, Cucumber, Cotton, Cranberry, Fig
Prickly pear, Passion fruit, Pomegranate, Shea, Kiwi, Kukui, Neem, Brazil nut, Palm, Papaya, Tomato seeds, Pistachio, Plum of Biscay, Rice bran, Yangu, . and many others.

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