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Use this vaporizer during your outdoor activities.

Measures to protect against mosquito and tick bites

Spray bottle size 120 ml.

Ingredients: aloe gel, sweet almond oil, black spruce hydrosol, neem oil, essential oils (cymbopogon winterianus, melaleuca alternifolia, litsea citrata, pelargonium graveolens, cymbopogon martinii, eucalyptus citriodora, eugenia caryophyllus, mentha x piperita, nepeta cataria nepetalactonifera), guar gum.

The Hiker’s Vapo is made with natural ingredients and without chemicals. A beautiful combination of quality essential oils for effective protection against ticks and mosquitoes. Suitable for children and animals. It is suggested to test on a small part of the body before using on the whole body. It is available online and at Hunzaroma boutique in Longueuil.

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