Latin name : Laurus nobilis

Distilled part: leaves

Origin : Turkey

Properties: analgesic, antispasmodic, bactericidal, expectorant, fungicide, immunomodulating, mucolytic, viricidal.

Indications: acne, aphta, arthritis, arthrosis, bronchitis, bursitis, headache, pain, gastritis, gastroenteritis, flu, herpes, bronchiolitis, headache, lumbago, malaria, headache, migraine, odontalgia, neurasthenia, otitis, otalgia, sciatica, tendonitis, ringworm, tennis elbow, torticollis.

Contraindications: Moderate skin use; potential allergens.

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Originally from Asia Minor (Turkey) The Laurel was consecrated to the gods and the Temple of Apollo at Delphi was all adorned. The Romans ceignaient the front of the winners or emperors of a braided laurel wreath. He is the symbol of the conquerors: Alexander the Great, Caesar, Napoleon.

During periods of plague, his leaves were burned because their smoke was disinfectant.

The names of the winners and bachelor’s degrees come from bacca Laurea = Bay bays.

Its aroma is fresh, penetrating and deep. It inspires creators, artists and all those who depend on intuition and inspiration. It builds confidence and courage. It invites the overtaking and the conquest of oneself.

The essential oil is complex and understand more than 200 constituents.

Properties: Antibacterial + + +, antiviral + + +, antifungal + + +, expectorant + + +, analgesic, antispasmodic, harmonised autonomic nervous system, neurotonic and cerebral stimulant

INDICATIONS: Canker, periodontitis, odontalgies, viral diseases (colds, flu, hepatitis), arthritis, osteoarthritis, acne, boils, wounds, lack of confidence, anxiety, psychosis, candidiasis, Onychomycosis, vaginitis.


Canker: Apply the noble laurel diluted in a little musk rose oil on the canker several times a day

Gingivitis: 2 drops of noble laurel on your dough and brush your teeth.

Bloating, flatulence, belching: Take 2 drops of noble Laurel and 2 drops of peppermint in 1/2 tsp of olive oil, repeat as needed (up to 3x/day).

Anxieties, lack of confidence: in a 15 ml bottle, mix Laurel Noble and Ravintsara in equal part.  Apply 5 drops to the inner side of the wrists, repeat to 20 minutes as needed, or 1 drop under the tongue for 5 minutes.

by Maurice Nicole ND. Has.

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Laurus Nobilis

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