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New edition

Author: Dominique Baudoux

The author, pharmacist aromatologist, President of the International College of Aromatherapy, Founder of PranarômThe author and much sought-after international lecturer is dedicated to essential oils with a devouring passion, an omnipresent professionalism and an extraordinary dynamism in order to restore the reputation of these quintessential vegetal essences.

Sharing his experience of the effectiveness of essential oils and his very broad expertise in natural medicine, he wishes to accompany the prescriber, the pharmacist and any health professional by this work which is voluntarily practical and pragmatic.

No long speeches for the basics of scientific aromatherapy and many easily achievable formulas that take only a few moments for the pharmacist or the preparer to offer a highly effective remedy for many diverse and varied symptoms that are directly related to the title of the volume of the collection.

With this first title of the professional notebooks: Pediatrics, the author, who is also a father of four children and even more grandchildren, wishes to promote the important use that can be made of it in a whole range of early childhood and childhood pathologies at any level.