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Stearic acid is an essential fatty acid extracted from plant fats that are rich in saturated fats. An excellent natural co-emulsifier, it brings softness and smoothness to emulsions and also has film-forming properties. Do not overdo it or the final product will have a greasy texture.

This ingredient will also be used (in conjunction with cetyl alcohol) in the preparation of vegetable “butters”.

Stearic acid thickens the oil, while providing a very soft, slightly waxy touch, while cetyl alcohol gives a more unctuous appearance (otherwise stearic acid tends to crystallize a little “in sheets”), and a richer, greasier touch, but provides less hardness. By modulating the quantities of oil, stearic acid and cetyl alcohol, it is therefore possible to vary the texture, consistency and feel of the butter obtained.

Proportion for half-hard butter:

  • 60 GR of vegetable oil of your choice
  • 10 g stearic acid
  • 10 g of ketylic alcohol
  • 15 to 20 drops of true lavender essential oil

In the Bain-Marie, melt the stearic acid and the ketylic alcohol in the vegetable oil. Allow to cool by stirring regularly with whisk. Add the essential oils and whisk again.  Your butter is ready!

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